So What Should I Eat??

Paper-pad with Meal Plan written on it, surrounded by lots of fruits and veggies

I love food, but it can become overwhelming when trying to figure out WHAT to eat.  And then there is the planning, food prep, and making sure that my food choices are healthy and most importantly, taste good!  I often hear from patients, “I am bored.  I don’t know how to cook.  It takes too … Read more

Reducing the Impact of Sugar

Healthy appetizers are a better choice at parties than the sugary treats.

Sugar is everywhere. How can you reduce the impact of sugar on your body (and mind)?   Let’s first talk about glycemic index (GI) vs glycemic load (GL).   Glycemic index (GI) indicates the amount of sugar in a product.  It measures how quickly a food converts to glucose in the body and then how quickly it causes blood insulin levels to rise.   … Read more

Liver Detox

Liver detox

Is a cleanse or liver detox important for your health? Have you heard your friends or family members talk about “detoxing” or “doing a cleanse” and wonder what this is?  Are you scared of what you have read on the internet about drinking olive oil and lemon juice for a week, starving yourself, or doing … Read more