Naturopathic Doctor for Anxiety Support

Are you looking for a naturopathic doctor for anxiety?

I specialize in natural anxiety treatments for patients who would like to overcome anxiety without medication.

To begin with please know...

Your anxiety is not forever

You can be free of its grasp and live with happiness, hope, and joy.

I’ve got you and I’m here to help.

I know anxiety well. I struggled with it for years, experiencing stomachaches, insomnia, chest pain, and more.

But the dragon no longer lurks in my life because of the lifestyle changes I have made to strengthen my body and mind. I have learned the importance of consistency and continue these life-changing habits today.

I am going to share my knowledge with you so you can also break free from anxiety. This is my life’s passion.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

No longer should anxiety rule your life, preventing you from working, doing what you love, and experiencing joy with family and friends.

Start your journey today.

I will be with you along the way, supporting you and encouraging you as you make changes that will last a lifetime.

A naturopathic doctor for anxiety...

What does this journey look like?

During your initial visit I want to hear your story, including your family history, and symptoms, so that I can develop a plan specifically for you. No two patients are identical, and you deserve a care plan that fits your individual needs and goals.

You won't be rushed.

I will decide if any lab testing is appropriate, such as hormone panels, adrenal function and neurotransmitter assessments, GI function, and blood work for nutrient levels and thyroid function.

This functional medicine approach is crucial to get to the cause of your symptoms and develop a plan that is successful.

We will also begin the discussion of key lifestyle factors that will calm your emotional brain, activate your vagus nerve, and strengthen your gut microbiome. We will build a foundation for health so that you not only find calm and peace, but also amazing physical health. Let’s reach for the stars!

And finally, I will suggest key nutrients and herbs that are safe, effective, and proven to reduce anxiety, and promote calm, without scary side effects.

And this is just the beginning of your journey.

At each visit, we will continue to fill your backpack with the tools you need to get you to the top of the mountain (AKA a place of peace, happiness, and joy).

Through our work, you will find a deeper connection to your purpose, a renewed sense of happiness, and optimism for the beautiful future that lie ahead.

Let’s begin….

Complete the inquiry form to get started or
call the office at 503-547-7657.

The mountain is calling.


Naturopathic medicine is a “whole-body” approach to wellness. By looking at the whole person, from gastrointestinal health to emotional health, naturopathic doctors treat each patient as a unique individual, promoting physical and mental health.

The goal with each patient is to build a strong foundation, optimizing nutrition, movement, sleep, and mindset. Naturopathic doctors prefer to use treatments found naturally on the planet, focusing on foods, vitamins and minerals, and herbs. Functional lab tests are utilized to get to the “root cause,” so that lasting health is achieved.

You can do this work virtually or in-person in the Portland Naturopath Clinic.

Dr Tanya Hudson's Portland Naturopath Clinic, was previously known as Hudson Naturopathic.

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