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Are you...

  • Ready to get healthy and stay healthy?

  • Tired of being on and off the wagon?

  • Ready for a community of support, with built-in accountability?

Join my

Health for Life!

group program

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The "Health for Life Program" is not a “diet” or “weight loss program.” This program is about learning how to live each day in a consistent, healthy way. Think of me as your integrative nutrition health coach while we focus on your nutrition, exercise, mindset, gratitude, sleep, and more!

Dr. Hudson's online health program has been amazing! I have improved energy, focus, clarity and athletic endurance.

I love Dr. Hudson's approach in treating the whole person. By incorporating mindfulness, exercise and consistent support she helped me implement lasting nutritional changes for myself and my family.” 

Malia, early 40's


  • The pillars of health
  • How to eat for lasting, optimal health
  • How to integrate meditation and mindfulness into your day to day
  • The art of movement and how to develop a consistent exercise routine
  • How to reduce stress and enjoy balance
  • How to lead a low inflammatory lifestyle
  • How to stay calm, grounded and reduce anxiety
  • How to optimize the gut microbiome
  • How to stop those sugar cravings and build healthy habits

Plus! I will share delicious recipes, must have resources and cookbook tips - for success with meal planning! 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

The only food I will ask you to remove is cane sugar, as it contributes to so many long-term health issues and I want you to break the addiction!

We are going to focus on eating whole, nourishing foods, for optimal wellness, balancing blood sugars, and strengthening the gut microbiome. 

The program includes the following each month:

  • 2 x 45-minute LIVE Zoom educational seminars covering the above topics (and more!). I will also bring in guest speakers!  The seminars will be recorded in case you miss them.
  • Weekly health tips to keep you motivated and sitting in the driver’s seat of your own health!
  • Private Facebook group to keep you connected with like-minded people who also want to “stay on the wagon” and get healthy! You will not be alone!

All bi-monthly, educational seminars will be on Thursdays at 4 pm PST. 

On the alternate weeks, I will facilitate an open Zoom with the “Health for Life” community for accountability, questions, support, meal ideas, and motivation!  You will not be alone!

All Zoom meetings will be recorded in case you miss a session, but I highly encourage you to attend.

May Zoom Dates:
May 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

June Zoom Dates:
June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

You will also receive my “Secrets to Optimal Health” workbook and guide based off my 15 years in clinical practice.  I know what works!

My goal is to improve the health of
10,000 people in 20 years! 

I hope you will join me! 

Are you ready to begin?

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1 month of support $99
2 months of support $180
3 months of support $240

Create a foundation for life long health for only $20-$25 per week!

You are worth it!

“Sign up now and get my free guide on the “Secrets to Optimal Health.”
This is based on over 15 years in clinical practice.
I know what works!

Together we will thrive!!!

integrative nutrition health coach