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A few words from my patients

"The best thing about Dr. Tanya Hudson is the quality of attention she gives to those of us who have the good fortune to come into her office. I don’t feel like a patient. She is interested in all that contributes to my health and balance, from things causing me stress, to my diet and sleep, to bowel movements, knots in my back, what we might learn from blood work and other tests. When I say “we” it is because we talk, she listens, asks questions, and answers at length the questions I have. She explains options and is conscious of costs. She is clear about the kinds of information different kinds of tests might provide. She is interested in learning enough to offer suggestions for feeling better. She treats the whole person. She has wise hands that are skilled in bodywork. I leave her office feeling seen--when was the last time you could say that about your doctor?

I came to her with chronic digestive problems that my primary care doctor had failed to address in any meaningful way. We did tests, and talked, and concluded I had food allergies I had not known about. She was wonderfully supportive in suggesting approaches to the dietary changes I needed to make. I had been depleted so long I failed to understand how uncomfortable my daily living had been. I was a bit dubious, but gave it a try and the results were dramatic. Not only did my digestive problems go away, I lost weight, I discovered energy I did not know I had lost, I found resources to address deep life transitions. I have returned again and again to her office because she really does help me live in a healthy way.

Dr. Hudson has a lovely sense of humor that can lighten even the most serious conversation. She is a gifted healer. I know you will be welcomed into her office too."

Male in early 50’s


"I brought my son to Dr. Tanya Hudson because I was reluctant to put him on the typical ADHD medications. His teachers and my extended family were skeptical that Naturopathy could work for him. We all saw the almost-miraculous results of Dr. Hudson’s treatments and consultations, with resulting ability to have self-control and focus. Caleb continues to reap the benefits of the dietary consultations, the cranial-sacral massage treatments and the holistic approach to his health. His teachers and my family have become believers in Dr Hudson's therapy, and we couldn't be happier!"

Mother in early 40’s and son age 11

"We came to Dr. Hudson two years ago to see if anything further could be implemented to assist our 14 year old daughter. She had been evaluated and did not have a specific diagnosis. She had signs and symptoms in several areas and had made steady improvement with some behavior therapy. We were seeking out further help, specifically could anything more be done to affect her excitable behavior, listening skills, and focus in the classroom? We have found Dr. Hudson to be very kind, a good listener, and has had great insight in assessing our daughter as a whole person. She is a great teacher in assisting us to try different approaches.

We have seen continued steady improvement in our daughter’s behavior, listening abilities, being able to focus better, organization with school work, and her interpersonal skills have improved. She is now 16 and a junior in high school. She is more and more self directed, was able to study long periods for her finals recently, and did very well on a 200 question exam which required extensive study (coincidently the subject was health). We would definitely recommend Dr. Hudson and her approach to child/teen issues. The results we have seen have been tremendous. My daughter is still a creative outside the box kid but now that she can focus, listen and learn better she will be able to go anywhere her dreams take her!"

Mother of female teen

"Sometimes there isn't one specific impetus for finding a naturopath. For me, a few different paths led me to Dr. Hudson even without fully understanding what it is she does. The time spent explaining and discussing her whole-body approach to care laid the foundation for a doctor-patient relationship based on real honest-to-goodness listening, something I have never before experienced in a doctor's office. I always feel comfortable with Dr. Hudson and I know that she genuinely cares. Since becoming one of her patients, I have more energy and every time I meet with her I have a renewed dedication to living healthy."

Female patient in late 20’s

"I have been working with Dr. Hudson over the last two years for myself and daughter. This was our first encounter with the Naturopathic approach to health care. We looked into this alternative due to frustration of the need to use ever increasing potentiate prescriptions, and because we wanted to identify and address the 'root cause'.

My daughter's ADD has improved by eliminating foods from her diet that were causing delayed reactions. We corrected vitamin and mineral deficiencies by introducing her to some new supplements, which have helped with her attention issues. She has been a great partner in my daughter’s health concerns.

For myself, I have been working with Dr. Hudson on delayed responses to different foods. By eliminating foods which I tested a delayed reaction to, I was able to eliminate the need for taking seasonal allergy medicines from months to just a few weeks a year. This also made a tremendous difference in my ocular rosacea and skin rosacea. I no longer need to apply tropical medicine to my face and my eye pressure has returned to the normal range. I was at the point of almost needing glaucoma eye drops. The most dramatic effect of these changes has been the lost of over 40 pounds."

Mother in mid-50’s and daughter in early 20’s

"Dr. Hudson is very thorough! She takes time to listen and understand the issues that ale you. For example, I had been diagnosed with Meniere's disease in 2007, my "other" doctor wanted to put me on the heaviest diuretic plus Valium. It was then that I sought and found Dr. Hudson. She not only helped me through it, but had compassion, patience and the persistence to get me well. She helped solve my dis-ease by use of the correct homeopathy supplements. I cannot thank her enough. Since then, she has also diagnosed my daughter's hyperthyroidism (after seeking the advice of four other doctors-including one at OHSU). She has consistently knocked out asthma issues with my two sons and keeps allergies, colds and the flu bug at bay. Thank you Dr. Hudson!"

Female patient in early 40’s

"I started seeing Dr. Hudson last year after taking care of my father during a prolonged illness. When I first met with her I was functioning with little sleep and was highly stressed out. After meeting with her over the past year, I have adjusted my diet, started taking supplements and have made some adjustments to my lifestyle. I am now sleeping fine and have a much higher level of energy. My stress level has gone way down and I am feeling really good. Dr. Hudson is also a great therapist. She is extremely kind and understanding and supportive. As an added bonus, she is also a fabulous masseuse."

Working Mom of a 3 year old

"You have been such a blessing to us and are truly the best most sympathetic doctor I've ever seen. I wish I would have found you years ago."

Female patient in early 30’s


“Every small step forward is momentum, taking you to the top of the mountain, where you feel strong, healthy, alive,
and truly YOU.”

- Dr. Tanya Hudson

Dr. Tanya Hudson & Family: Naturopath in Portland, OR

Finding joy

When away from my office, I find pure joy in spending time with my dear husband, amazing sons, and sweet Brittany, our springerdoodle. To be a mother is a gift I will forever cherish.

My idea of a perfect day is hiking with my family in the Columbia River Gorge, forest bathing, and being among the flowers, trees, lakes, and rivers. There are no words to express the way nature touches my soul.

"My wish is to inspire my patients to also connect with nature, creating inner peace and happiness."

- Dr. Tanya Hudson

Naturopath in Portland